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mRNA CopyDetect™ System

  • Reagents for Detecting Quantity of Low, Moderate and High Expression mRNA Sequences
  • Simple, and Efficient Analysis of Normalization and Subtraction Process

mRNA CopyDetect™ System analyzes the quality of cDNA synthesis, normalization or subtraction process by analyzing gene copy; thus saving valuable time, research effort, and expensive reagents on subsequent molecular manipulation studies. The kits provides the following applications:

  • Test the quality of cDNA synthesis & cDNA Library Construction
  • Measure the purity of RNA and DNA during your isolation procedures
  • Run parallel PCR reactions and get an idea about Quantitative RT-PCR
  • Determine Comparative Gene Expression Profiles of your target gene by ‘Normalization’ with house keeping genes in a single tube

The kit provides reagents to detect expression levels of housekeeping genes from highly abundant, moderately abundant and lower levels. Generally, highly abundant genes exists at ~3,000 copies per cell, moderately abundant genes are expressed at 300-3,000 and low abundant genes at <300 i.e. they express at 1%, 0.1%-1.0%, and <0.1% of total RNA. Our mRNA CopyDetect™ Kit contains four sets of different RT-PCR primers that are used to amplify human or mouse housekeeping genes.

  • High Copy Genes
    • Mitochondrial 16s RNA
    • Cytoplasmic Beta Actin
    • Elongation Factor EF-1
  • Moderate Copy Genes
    • Alfa Tubulin
    • Beta Globin
    • Phospholipase A2
  • Low Copy Genes
    • Lll
    • Lll
    • Lll

Kit Components

  • Gene Detect PCR Amplicon Sets (High, Medium or Low Copy)
  • 10x DNA Amplification Buffer
  • Taq DNA Polymerase
  • 10x PCR dNTP Mix
  • Nuclease Free Water
  • Control cDNA Template

Storage Condition and Stability

mRNA Isolation System is stored at -20o C and stable for six months.

Ordering Information
Product Catalog Number Price
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Human (High Copy Genes)
6200 $295/ 50 Tests
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Mouse (High Copy Genes)
6201 $295/ 50 Tests
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Human (Moderate Copy Genes)
6202 $295/ 50 Tests
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Mouse (Moderate Copy Genes)
6203 $295/ 50 Tests
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Human (Low Copy Genes)
6204 $295/ 50 Tests
mRNA CopyDetect™ System
Mouse (Low Copy Genes)
6205 $295/ 50 Tests
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