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RNA Isolation System

Reagents for Isolating Total RNA from Tissues and Cells

  • High quality RNA is isolated within one hour
  • Quick and easy protocol
  • High yield of RNA with consistent results

DTI’s RNA Isolation System provides reagents for isolating RNA from tissues and cells in less than one hour. Cells or tissues are grinded with lysis buffer and treated with phenol; phenol chloroform. RNA is precipitated with LiCl and ethanol.

Kit Components

  • Lysis Buffer – 200 ml
  • Phenol saturated with water – 50 ml
  • Phenol-chloroform –isoamyl alcohol – 25 ml
  • 3 m LiCl Solution – 10 ml
  • DEPC Water – 10 ml
  • Instruction Manual


  • cDNA library construction, Northern blot, cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR
  • RNAse mapping, In-vitro Transcription, microinjection
  • Microarray – probe labeling, normalization and cDNA synthesis

Storage Condition and Stability
RNA Isolation System is stored at 4o C and stable for six months.

Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
mRNA Isolation System 7112 $225/ 10 Isolations
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