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Orbital Incubator Shaker

(Super Deluxe) (Memmert Type)- Perfect System Construction (Triple Walled)

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  • These are very sturdy triple walled units with outer chamber is made of thick stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade, middle wall is made of thick G.I. sheet, inner chamber is made of high grade stainless steel sheet (SS-304 grade). The 3” gap between each walls, is filled with high-grade glass wool, for minimum thermal loss. Beaded elements of nichrome/kanthal A-1 wire are placed in the ribs at the sides and bottom of the second G.I. wall of the chamber.

Perfect System:

  • The heaters are placed between the first and the second wall of the orbital shaker, which avoids the direct contact of heaters from the third (Stainless Steel inside chamber) walls. The heat to the inside chamber is given indirectly through forced air circulation, provided by the heavy-duty blower placed between the walls of the incubator. This system helps to control the temperature with higher sensitivity (+/- 0.5o c or less).
  • Small volumn, high precision, quick weighing, precise and reliable, easy operation, multi-function. It can meet the requirement of quality analysis in labs, weighing of precious metals and weighing of highly exact industries.

Temperature Range:

  • l Model: (WEVRSX-0980 E) 5oc above ambient to 70oc Model: (WEVRSX-0981 E) 5oc to 70oc

Temperature Control:

  • Temperature is controlled through, microprocessor based programmable electronic PID temperature controller cum indicator, which controls the temperature of the orbital shaker with a sensitivity of (+/- 0.5o c or less).

Forced Air Circulation System:

  • The uniformity of temperature is maintained throughout the chamber of the orbital shaker with an efficient air circulation system, powered by Crompton / perfect motor.

Shaking System:

  • The efficient and diligent shaking system is powered by Crompton / perfect motor

Shaking Speed:

  • The Shaking speed of our variable speed orbital shaker is between 50 RPM to 400 RPM.

Speed Control:

  • The shaking speed is effectively controller by a variable speed controller fitted with digital RPM meter.

Shaking Platform:

  • The shaking platform is designed to accommodate 25 flaks of 250ml to 500ml.

Temperature Range:

  • l Model: (WEVRSX-0980 E) 5oc above ambient to 70oc Model: (WEVRSX-0981 E) 5oc to 70oc

Platform Size:

  • The size of the platform is 450mm x 600mm

Supplied complete with calibration certificate traceable to NABL. Price:

  • Model: (WEVRSX-0980 E) 5oc above ambient to 70oc Cost of the equipment mentioned above
Price: $4182/Unit.
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