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Human Cancer Cell Line Lysates

DNA Technologies’s ReadyLysates™ are ready-to-use Protein Lysates supplied from human, mouse or rat Tissues and Cell Lines. Ready Lysates™ are prepared by grinding tissues or cell lines in either RIPA Buffer or SDS-lysis buffer in the presence of various protease inhibitors. After lysis the samples are centrifuged to remove cell debris. Ready Lysates™ from Tissues or Cell Lines are supplied in 1x SDS lysis buffer with or without dye for immediate loading on poly acryl amide gels or immuno precipitation and ELISA usages, respectively.


  • Electrophoresis, Western blotting, and immuno precipitation
  • Protein-protein interaction analysis
  • Tissue specific expression identification
Ordering Information
Tissue Types Catalog Number SizePrice
Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells 1011 200 µg $195
Breast Cancer BT20 Cells 1012 200 µg $195
Breast Cancer ZR75 Cells 1013 200 µg $195
Breast Cancer T-47D Cells 1014 200 µg $195
Prostate Cancer PC-3 Cells 1015 200 µg $195
Prostate Cancer LNCap Cells 1016 200 µg $195
Colon Cancer HT-29 Cells 1016 200 µg $195
Colon Cancer LS 180 Cells 1017 200 µg $195
Colon Cancer Colo 205 Cells 1018 200 µg $195
Ovarian Cancer OV90 Cells 1019 200 µg $195
HeLa Cells 1020 200 µg $195
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