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Electro Competent Cells
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For cDNA library construction and cloning applications, DNA Technologies offers high efficiency electro competent cells. The cells are designed to obtain transformation efficiencies exceeding 1-5x1010 cfu /Ág supercoiled pUC19 DNA. These cells are ideal for cloning and propagation of plasmid, cosmid, or fosmid clones. The strains allows methylated genomic DNA isolated directly from mammalian or plant cells to be cloned without deletions or re-arrangements. They give high yield and high quality plasmid DNA due to the endA1 mutation. E. coli SJ T1 cells contains tonA gene that confers resistance to bacteriophages T1 and T5.

Advantages of DTI’s Electro Competent Cells:

  • High transformation efficiency – 1-5 x 1010 cfu /Ág supercoiled pUC19 DNA for electro competent cells
  • Allows blue/white screening through ▀-galactosidase complementation
  • E. coli T1 cells confers resistance to bacteriophages T1 and T5
  • Available as ready-to-use aliquot either in tubes or in 96 well format
Ordering Information
pUC19 super coiled DNA as transformation control and SOC media are provided with Electro Competent cells.
Electro Competent Cells Transformation Efficiency Catalog Number Size Price
Super Electro Competent E. coli SJ Cells 1-2 x 1010 8100-0
10 x 60 Ál
96 x 60 Ál
Ultra Electro Competent E. coli SJ Cells 3-5 x 1010 8101-0
10 x 60 Ál
96 x 60 Ál
Super Electro Competent E. coli SJ T1 Cells 1-2 x 1010 8102-0
10 x 60 Ál
96 x 60 Ál
Ultra Electro Competent E. coli SJ T1 Cells 3-5 x 1010 8103-0
10 x 60 Ál
96 x 60 Ál

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