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DNA Amplification System

High Fidelity, Easy-to-Use and Affordable PCR Kit

DNA Amplification System is ready-to-use PCR reagents to be used for the amplification of DNA templates. The HF (high fidelity) Taq DNA polymerase amplifies DNA templates that have high GC rich or secondary structures. The system is optimized for use with DNA amplifications, 5- and 3- RACE and other amplifications where high proofreading and amplifications of larger template are needed. The system is provided with dNTPs, 10x reaction buffers and water along with positive control template and primers for QC purposes. The HF Taq enzyme can amplify templates up to 15 kb in size.


  • High Fidelity Taq polymerase ensures Low Error Rate
  • Template Amplifications up to 15 kb
  • Works Well With High GC Rich Templates Where Secondary Structure Is A Problem For Amplification
  • Provided With All Necessary Reagents for Amplification and QC Purposes

Kit Components

  • HF Taq DNA Polymerase, 250 units
  • 10x dNTP Mix 250 l
  • 10x Reaction Buffer 250 l
  • MgCl2 - 250 l
  • Nuclease Free Water - 500 l
  • Control Template 10 l
  • Control Primers 10 l

Storage and Stability

Kit components are stored at -20o C and stable for six months.

Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
HF Taq Amplification System 6454 $150 / 100 Amplifications
$550 / 500 Amplifications
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