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mRNA Labeling System

Reagents for Preparing First Strand of the cDNA for Microarray Probe Synthesis

  • High efficiency, full length first strand cDNA synthesis reagents
  • Oligo dT and random primers are provided for cDNA synthesis
  • Sufficient reagents are provided for 10 labeling reactions
  • Supplied with control templates for QC purposes

DTI’s mRNA Labeling System provides reagents for reverse transcription and labeling of cDNA from RNA/ mRNA templates. Labeled cDNA is used as probes for microarray, FISH or northern blot applications.

Kit Components

  • Reverse Transcriptase – 10 µl
  • Oligo dT Primer – 10 µl
  • Random Primer – 10 µl
  • 10x Reverse Transcriptase Buffer – 50 µl
  • 10x dNTP Mix - 50 µl
  • Biotin Labeled dCTP/ dATP Mix
  • RNase Inhibitor - 10 µl
  • DEPC Water - 500 µl
  • Control RNA - 10 µl
  • Instruction Manual

Storage Condition and Stability

mRNA Labeling System is stored at -20o C and stable for six months.

Ordering Information
Product Catalog Number Price
mRNA Labeling System 3250 $250/ 10 Reaction
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