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Super Ampicillin™

Are You Having Problems With Satellite Colonies?

Try DTI’s Super Ampicillin™ For Satellite Free Colonies


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  • Super Ampicillin™ is a new antibiotic that replaces regular Ampicillin, Carbenicillin and Methicillin. Beta lacatamase secreted into the media by E. coli cells rapidly degrades Ampicillin; Carbenicillin or Methicillin thus favoring growth of satellite or non-recombinant colonies.
  • Super Ampicillin™ is a stronger inhibitor of beta lacatamase, therefore, eliminates the problem of satellite colonies. It also helps elimination of non-transformed cells even after prolong incubation or plating of competent cells at higher density.


  • As an antibiotic to grow plasmid in liquid cultures or plates
  • As an antibiotic in tissue cultures


  • No background - satellite free colonies will appear after transformation
  • Plates can be incubated for longer periods of time
  • Contains 6x 1ml ready-to-use pre-made solutions at 1,000x concentrate
Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
Super Ampicillin™ (1,000x concentrate Solution) 6060 $16/ 1 ml
Super Ampicillin™ (1,000x concentrate Solution) 6060-1$65/ 5 ml
Super Ampicillin™ (1,000x concentrate Solution) 6060-2$260/ 25 ml
LB Agar Super Ampicillin Plates 100-1 $55/ 20 plates
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