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Mycoplasma Detection PCR Kit

  • Identification of Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma Contamination
  • Results available 3-4 hours

Mycoplasma Detection PCR Kit is optimized for the detection of all forms of Mycoplasma, including Mycoplasma arginini, M hyorhinis, M. orale, M. fermentans, Alcholeplasma laidlawii, Mycoplasma synoviae and Mycoplasma gallisepticum.


  • Detection of Mycoplasma contamination in tissue culture cells
  • Detection of Mycoplasma contamination in poultry industry (chicken and turkey)

Kit Components

  • Mycoplasma specific Forward and Reverse Primer Mix, 100 µl
  • 10x dNTP
  • 10x PCR Buffer
  • Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Nuclease Free Water

Storage and Stability

Kit components are stored at -20o C and stable for six months.

Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price and Size
Mycoplasma arginini M010 $250/ 100 Tests
Mycoplasma hyorhinis M011 $250/ 100 Tests
Mycoplasma orale M012 $250/ 100 Tests
Mycoplasma fermentans M013 $250/ 100 Tests
Alcholeplasma laidlawii M014 $250/ 100 Tests
Mycoplasma synoviae (Chicken and Turkey) M015 $250/ 100 Tests
Mycoplasma gallisepticum (Chicken and Turkey) M016 $250/ 100 Tests
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